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Creating A Writing Life Retreat for Emerging Writers

(And arent' we all emerging, unfolding and in process?)

Mercy By the Sea, Madison, CT


Saturday, July30, 2016



Guest speaker is three time author and medicine woman, Leslie Karen Hammond. She is committed to helping people find their voice,and share their stories with books and from the stage.


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Leslie Karen Hammond
Harvey's Beach inspires me. What inspires you?

Creating a Writing Life July  2016

Greetings brilliant and creative spirits. I hope you are well and finding ways to express your creativity. I am always challenged by this. There never seems to be enough time and yet I know that when I make the time, the rewards are great. I enjoyed our June retreat at Mercy By the Sea, hearing about your writing life and interests, and I  love the parts of the day where we share our work. It is always such a rich and special time.

Our guest speaker, Leslie Browning was a wealth of information about publishing and I felt like we were getting the inside scoop from an experienced professional but also from someone who has been right where we are today. Many of you expressed how much you appreciated what she brought to the day.

At some point, you may have a need for the submission guidelines for Homebound Publications. Here is a link:

Sometimes we are pretty clear about our direction, like knowing what we want to do with our writing gifts. But often I find that direction is not so crystal clear.

I was on an afternoon lighthouse cruise recently and the day began crystal clear. The boat took off out of New London Harbor promising to reveal the sights of nine lighthouses.  The sun shone high in the sky, I was covered in sunscreen, a hat, and my camera hung off my shoulder like the Queen's guard at Buckingham Palace. We were ready. The boat approached each lighthouse and slowed and circled it allowing everyone with a camera to get their best shot.  As we got out into Fisher's Island Sound seemingly out of nowhere, a heavy fog rolled in. We could hardly see the end of the boat...and it was a pretty big boat. We missed one of the lighthouses because it was completely invisible with the fog. Another in the image below gave us a glimpse.

I thought about how this is so like the writing life sometimes.  Sometimes our path is clear and sometimes its cloaked in fog. But such is life. Sometimes our direction is clear as a lighthouse standing tall and proud to guide us. Other times, not so much.All we can do is trust that in our hearts, we ultimately know our direction. We can make the time to do what we feel called to do, and not allow anything to deter us. Having a lighthouse to guide us doesn't hurt either.

One of the things that Leslie stressed during her talk was the importance of establishing a platform. Here is a link  you may find useful in that endeavor.Don't be intimidated by 101 quick actions. They are suggestions. Choose one. And then maybe another. Read on...

101 Quick Actions You Can Take Today to Build the Writer Platform of Your Dreams by Kimberly Grabas...


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