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This is me with Inuk, an 1800 pound Beluga Whale at Mystic Aquarium back in my days as a reporter. You do what you gotta do to get the story, right?!

Creating a Writing Life May 2017

Greetings Friends. I have a dear friend who is moving out of state in a couple weeks. I met her when I taught my very first writing class in Stonington back when I was a reporter, about 11 years ago. I don't know why, but I just liked her so much and we became friends. We were kindred spirits, the kind of friend who you don't see for weeks and when you do, you pick up as you left off. We were never short of things to talk about, our visits usually taking up a table at The Mystic Diner for at least a couple of hours.  We talked about families, homes, friends, church, life, health, our men, and of course the writing life. She inspired me greatly.  And now she is leaving to go where its warm. I can't say I blame her on this chilly spring day. But I sure will miss her.

I've been busy preparing for the upcoming Creating A Writing Life Retreat. Having Jamie Beck with us to talk about her writing process as she cranks out those juicy romance novels is something I'm looking forward to. As a teenager I used to love curling up with a good romance novel and as an adult, I enjoy listening to the work of contemporary novelists in my car as I drive. I always say, in a perfect world I'd be a serial romance novelist. But my world isn't perfect...just yet. Stay tuned.

With the retreat more than half full and less than a month away, if you planned to register, do so soon as it tends to fill up. If you miss the June 10 event, there is still room on July 22,  featuring poet and publisher, Gian Lombardo. Visit my retreat page to learn more about the retreats


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